How I introduced stitching to Addu...

How I introduced stitching to Addu...

From childhood Addu was struggling to do simple fine motor activities. So I was working step by step and I helped him learn many skills. Stitching is one of them. I will share how I started doing that. We still have a long way to go.

Prerequisite for stitching is lacing. I bought some lacing boards and made him practise using them for a long time. He was not able to follow the sequence when it was introduced and he was trying to complete it by putting in some holes randomly. Then I gave verbal prompts to explain, slowly I faded verbal prompts and then provided gestural prompts and then by consistent practice I faded all prompts and he started following the sequence. If you don't have a lacing board,you can take a cardboard piece and punch holes to form a square, circle etc and can use it with thread that you are using for beading or you can use shoe laces.

After that I bought an embroidery set and started with straight lines. I drew sleeping line…

How we introduced badminton to Addu...

I strongly believe that physical play is very important for a child's development. Addu was diagnosed with ADHD( attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and there were two options in front of me. One was giving him sedatives to reduce hyperactivity and other option was providing lots of physical activities in his daily schedule. I decided to opt for the latter. So I created a structured environment at home in a way that before each sitting activity there will be a physical activity. So that he would be able to sit and focus on the sitting activities and so he started learning different skills. First we introduced horse riding and cycling then skating, badminton, swimming, scooter board etc. Consistent practice helped him learn all these skills. Everyday I used to take him to practice all these skills with his brother. On weekends his Dad also joined them.

After that we decided to introduce badminton to him. We started by throwing a cork to him from a small distance. But Addu was un…

Adhithya and Advaith in Media

A documentary about my Son Adhithya and Advaith(Addu) in a French channel.A French Reporter Mr. Jean barrere came to meet us and spent one day with us. He did a great job. They did this story as a part of Autism awareness in their country. I am sharing this proud moment of our's with all of you!!

They were featured in brut india also

Structured Teaching Method and why it is important for children with ASD

Q: Why structure is important for children with autism? Ans: Most of the children in the spectrum have high anxiety and they need predictable routines. ASD children will struggle if there are sudden changes in their daily routine. a  structured environment with visual schedule will help the child understand his day to day activities. It gives a clear idea about each activity including the beginning and the end. Like this structured environments helps the child reduce anxiety, confusion and behavior problems. The Structured teaching method will help build independent skills.
Autism is a complex neurological disorder. It is different from other conditions like MR, LD and down syndrome. A parent should understand that Autism is a disorder NOT a Disease to  cure, we have to train them to lead an independent life. It is a life long disorder. Here each child is different and each child has their own strengths and difficulties. Following are the common areas most of our childrens' strug…

Speech - Language - Communication - Different forms of AAC - Part 2

What is Avaz?
Avaz is an AAC App for children autism to help build communication skills. Avaz is designed with a focus to make speech therapy more effective, develop the child’s language and improve his indent to communicate. Avaz uses picture, symbols and high-quality voice synthesis to help users create messages and develop language skills. Avaz seamlessly integrates a powerful keyboard to help users transitioning to text. Avaz can be used for non verbal and verbal kids to improve their communication skills, build more compression skills and to teach academics.
Q.How to Start with Avaz? Ans. Avaz should introduce to build communication skills first. If your child is in the first phase of PECS, you can introduce Avaz and can move forward with the same steps how I was explaining for PECS. Building spontaneous communication is the most important thing.
Q. Which is most important in this process? Ans. Customization and using it consistently

In the above video I am showing how I customi…

MDA - Madras Dislexia Association

I had attended the online classes of Madras Dislexia Association and completed the course.
It was a great learning experience.

Speech - Language - Communication - Different forms of AAC - Part 1

1.What is communication? Communication is a two-way process involving expression of ideas with a communication partner and  he will be able to understand what I am trying to convey. Accordingly, the partner gives a response to what I say or ask. This makes the process complete. For example, I am asking for a pen to my son. He takes it and gives it to me. This is a complete communication. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal or a combination of the two.
2.Types of Communication There are 2 types of communication – verbal and non-verbal. In verbal communication, we use our verbal skills in the form of words and sentences. Non-verbal communication involves using gestures, eye or hand movements and other methods, instead of words. Pointing, gestures, visual clues etc are ways of communicating non-verbally.
3.Which type of communication is the most important? Both types are equally important. In our day to day life we are using both verbal and nonverbal communication. The same messag…