Addu is reading and keeping things in a tray (Independently) according to the list of instructions provided!

Addu is reading and keeping things in a tray (Independently) according to the list of instructions provided!! My long term goal is following written instructions to complete tasks independently in a workplace. I break down into simple steps and train him step by step.I am sure that consistent practice will help him to achieve my long term goal.I am very excited to see how independently he is doing it.Sharing this video for fellow parents.

Being Advaith's Mother : A Journey of Resilience

This was my presentation in the International Autism Conference hosted by CADREE,Trivandrum in 2018.I was talking about my journey of Resilience from my heart. Thank you so much CADREE for having invited me to present it. 

Reading and following instructions

Recently I attended a workshop on "Work placement and challenges around it"by Dr. Shobha Srinath (Retd. Child Psychiatrist from NIMHANS) at Bubbles. Bubbles periodically organises different workshops and training sessions by subject matter experts in various fields. I would try and attend all workshops and this enhanced my learning. I would take down notes and after the workshop, I would try and put my new learnings to use the very same day. Merely attending workshops is not going to help us if we do not use what we learn to teach our kids.
In this workshop, Dr. Shobha addressed the prerequisites for work placement. According to her, these include communication skills, daily life skills, emotional regulations, using skills meaningfully.. the list starts from these basic skills.. As parents, we have to give primary focus to the above skills.. I am sharing it here for my fellow parents..
Dr. Shobha mentioned that, if your child knows how to read, teach him to read and follow in…

A documentary about Addu in a French channel

A documentary about Addu in a French channel.A French Reporter Mr. Jean barrere came to meet us and spent one day with us. He did a great job. They did this story as a part of Autism awareness in their country. I am sharing this proud moment of our's with all of you!!…/08…/portrait-d-enfant-advaith-en-inde/


For most of our kids transitions are difficult and so anxiety will shoot up. First day of vacation itself I was ready with schedules and activities. So the transition was easy. We can prepare a schedule according to the kids level of understanding. Schedules will help kids to understand the beginning and end of the day and what will happen next and how long they have to do each activity and the kids will be motivated to communicate if they wants to make changes in the schedule.We can use schedules and visuals to prepare them if there are changes in the daily routine. Most of our kids don't know what to do if they are getting lots of free time and that's why unwanted behaviours shooting up during holidays. If we are planning a proper program including physical activities, self help skills, sensory activities, skill training, academics, Play skills and visiting shops and restaurants (for social skills), we can enjoy our holidays. These are some of the activities we are doing at …


Prerequisites for learning singular plural concepts are identification of nouns including common objects, fruits, vegetables, vehicles and animals. For teaching concepts, we used to start with objects. So that the child can understand clearly. Step1: Introducing singular plural concepts using objects. 
I collected some objects like spoons, glass, pen, balls etc that is easily available at home. You can see the video of how I taught him the concepts using objects.
Step2: Singular plural concepts in the picture level 
Make some flash cards that the child can understand easily and use it. The flash cards should be according to the kids level of understanding . I bought these flash cards from Sutradhar,in Bangalore. You can make your own materials by selecting pictures from Google Images. You can see the video of how I taught him these concepts in the picture level.
Step3: Singular plural concepts in word level and sentence level using…

How to train kids for doing independent structured materials

Dear friends,
In this video I am showing how we can create a structured file for teaching the kids independent work skills.If we are building independent work skills from childhood ,it will be easy for the child to write exams and to complete tasks during vocational training.Earlier I posted a video about how we can arrange a structured class room and how Addu is doing independent work time. Then parents were asking me about how to train kids to reach this level.So in this video I am showing how we can teach the child to perform independent activities.
Smrithy and Addu YOUTUBE.COM How to train kids for doing independent structured materials In this video I am showing how we can create a structured material for independent activities…