How i taught my son to type - Explained Step by Step


My son had great difficulty with tripod grip and he was not able to write after his Early Intervention when he was 8 years old I decided to teach him typing and I taught him step by step. After that I started sharing that videos to help other kids.Lots of parents contacted me for the step by step procedure of typing and so again I am posting it for them. All these steps I did and it helped my son to learn.I hope it will help other kids too. Most important things is CONSISTENCY. We should do step by step consistently.

Prerequisites of typing

Step 1:
Pointing to alphabets in an alphabet chart with visual clues.

Step 2:
Find which is different from a strip of alphabets and sorting confusing alphabets like n and u,p and b,b and d.

Most of our kids have confusion with alphabets like p and b,u and n….because of their visual discrimination difficulties.

After achieving these two steps independently,we can introduce keyboard to the child.

Introducing Typing

Step 3:
I was using small letters with him because that is going to help them for reading.So I pasted 7 lower case letters on the laptop and created a worksheet with pictures of cat,ant and owl.He was able to identify that pictures and words at that time.Thats why I moved to word typing.I took printouts of the words in big font and put a space between letters to help can see that clearly in this video.

Step 4:
When he moved into independent typing for that worksheet I introduced more words.Always I was making independent worksheets in webpage because my long term goal is data entry and Communication by typing. For that he should be independent.

Step 5:
In the next level I choose 7 more words that associated with his daily life and at that stage when I was taking print outs, I reduced the font size and there was no space between letters.

Step 6:
Then I introduced ‘Clevy keyboard ‘ for him and was practicing all the above worksheets.In Clevy keyboards are coming with lower case letters and no need of sticking because keys are big and colourful.

Step 7:
Then he was able to type words independently for the corresponding pictures using Clevy keyboard.

Step 8:
Then I started teaching to type simple sentences for his favorite pictures. For that I created worksheets with pictures and then took print outs of sentence strips. In Clevy keyboard space bar is green coloured and so for space I gave green colour visual clue.You can see that in this  video

Step 9:
At that time I noticed that,che learned spellings and so I made two worksheets for ‘at’ words and ‘an’ words. And practised like this

Step 10:
Then I created a worksheet for typing numbers from 1 to 10.I thought for teaching him to make bills ,I should introduce this step.

Step 11:
Also I introduced more words to type like verbs ,all that words are important in their daily life.

Step 12:
Then I realized that he is able to learn spellings by phonics, So I created some worksheets for practicing that.

Step 13:
After that I tried typing alphabets in Avaz keyboard with visual clue. I was surprised to see that he was able to type alphabets independently. This video is how he was typing when I introduced.

Step 14:
After that I tried,typing alphabets in Avaz keyboard without visual clues. Again I was surprised to see that he is doing that independently.

Step 15: 
Then I introduced typing  words in Avaz keyboard

 Step 16:
Simultaneously I was working with Clevy keyboard and at that time he became independent in typing simple sentences.

Step 17:
After that I introduced typing that simple sentences in Avaz keyboard also.

Step 18:
Then I moved to teaching typing two sentences together, by introducing full stop.

Step 19:
Then I introduced more worksheets for typing body parts and names of fruits.

Step 20: 
When I realized that, he should learn about how to build sentences to type meaningfully,I started teaching him the construction of sentences. After that I created more worksheets with pictures and teaching him like this.

Step 21:
It is very important to work for their independent skills to enhance their focus and work skills.So I am training him like this for improving his work skills.

These are the different steps of typing activities. Now he is able to type in all keyboard including laptop. I hope it will help other parents and kids.

Smrithy and Addu.


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