I am different, not less!!

I am different, not less!! I can't speak,however I can communicate using an app, avaz. I can't write, however I can type. I can't follow multiple instructions, however I can follow it with visual cues. I can't do calculations in my head, but I can do calculations using calculator. I am not following any syllabus, however I am learning functional academics for understanding various concepts related to independent living. I don't like to draw and colour pictures, I like to make jewellery. I don't like to make puzzles, I like to do embroidery in clothes. Now let me talk about my hobbies: My favourite hobby is horse riding. Also I like to play badminton. I enjoy beading while making jewellery, I enjoy stimming while doing embroidery, I like swimming, basketball and cycling. I am a foodie and like to eat crispy food. Now I will discuss my achievements. I won my first gold medal for roller skating in 2016 and that was a turning point in my life. After that people star


  Expressing feelings is very difficult for most of our ASD children. We have to introduce different feelings according to our child's level of understanding. They may take a longer time to learn to handle their emotions in appropriate ways. But it is very important to introduce this topic step by step. Here, I am sharing different steps and videos of that I tried with Addu.. Step 1 You can introduce basic emoji(feelings) pictures to discriminate between various emotions. Step 2 Introducing words associated with each emoji (feelings) in worksheets and in real-time situations. Step 3 Using AAC to express feelings. For this, we have to make sure that the child can identify each picture. Step 4 Identifying other people's feelings using pictures and AAC(Avaz) Doing the same by typing and expressing using Avaz. Step 5 For generalisation we have to practice more.  Expressing a child's feelings in different situations (with the help of computer worksheets) is an important concept

Lesson: Parts of a plant

Lesson plan Step 1: Giving a seed to plant it in a small pot and asking him to water and monitor everyday. When the plant is ready to replant it in a bigger pot, directing him to do that. Step 2: Showing different parts of the plant in different plants that are growing in our garden. Step 3: Taking a print out of a plant and explaining about different parts. Step 4: Introducing words and matching words Step 5: Introducing worksheets for word to picture matching using line tool. Step 6: Drag and drop words to picture matching for generalisation Step 7: Making a PPT for parts of plants This is the lesson plan I prepared for Addu. Sharing it for fellow parents. Smrithy

Time concepts

 Addu learning time concepts. I made a clock like this to make him understand the minute concept. It was very difficult for him to understand in the beginning even though he has his own biological clock concept. We are progressing and he is able to find the correct time. We took print outs of numbers and then stuck it on a paper file. Then I took hands from an old cloth and attached it to this file. Sharing it for fellow parents. Smrithy

How a special educator can help a child and family

 Dear fellow parents... In this video I am explaining the importance of special education for ASD children and how a special educator can help a child and family. Regards Smrithy

Teach concepts using different mediums

  We can teach concepts using different mediums. I used to introduce concepts using objects in real situations and then pictures and then worksheets. I used to make worksheets for practicing various concepts using computer skills. In this worksheet Addu is marking right answers by changing font colours according to the colours given with questions. So Addu is learning academics and various computer skills. According to each child's interest I am finding different mediums like this!! So that learning is fun!!

Some tips to improve communication skills